Please dont laugh at me..ok

Do you remember what is your 1st composition in Bahasa Malaysia subject? Hahaha...of course the title are What is your ambition? When I was 7, I'm still remembering what I want to be?

Don't laugh at me please..I want to be a police women. But now I'm a people who dealing with computer. Almost in 10 years in this company. The ambition that is not in my mind actually. If today I'm working as Police Women .. what do you think? Can you imagine it for me?? Do you remember in green card..we can state 3 ambition then we can change it every year.. I never change it..1st choice is Police Women, 2nd is Lawyer and the third is ...what aaa I cannot remember.. might be a firewomen..hahaha

Can you imagine if I am a Police Women..But if today I can choose what I wanna to be..I want to be jeng jeng jeng...I want to be a DRIVER..Please dont laugh at me..I'm a good driver ok..even I'm a women..but my hubby said I'm driving like viking...hahahaha...So, any Datuk-datuk or anak-anak Datuk dare to hire me as a Driver??? hahaha..Kerch memang sengal

Ya-Tuhanku, I'm so disdainful due to not grateful whatever i have now..please fogive me..

hehehe..ok..just my 2sen..for monday bluessss entry with my english yang kedaung ni..


hahahhaa...wahkakakakah! kalo entry neh jd tagged beh neh...hahaha! tp cam klako plak kalo nak citer psl 1st ambition neh...hahaha...

p/s: mmg pemandu yg berhemah...sungguh terror! hahahaha

December 14, 2009 at 9:29 AM  

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